Yaruki Switch

Flip the switch! Teach English in Japan with the Yaruki Switch Group

General requirements needed for Yaruki Switch Group teachers:

Degree: Associate’s or Bachelor’s (in any subject)

English: Native or native-like speaking ability with a clear accent

Minimum Age: 20

Japanese: Not 100% necessary, but it helps if you know some phrases

TEFL Certification: Not 100% necessary, but it will help you in the classrooms

What are some qualities and abilities that are beneficial?

  1. Be a caring person who loves children and can be a type of “second parent.”
  2. Understand a child’s development and have the ability to see from the child’s perspective.
  3. Can work professionally with the school staff and maintain parent satisfaction with the school.


  • Salary: Base salary of ¥250,000 monthly. Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on experience, ability and performance. All new instructors will have a 3-month probationary period.
  • Bonus: The instructor will be paid a renewal bonus of JPY 100,000 upon completion of one-year contract and contract renewal.
  • Contract: One-year contract with an option to extend. The number of extensions is unlimited with contract terms negotiable in length.
  • Work Hours: Instructors work 9 hours a day, including a 1 hour lunch break. Instructors work 5- day weeks, most often this is Monday to Friday. Regular working hours are 8:30 – 17:30. Instructors might be asked to work overtime (paid overtime) in the mornings or evenings.
  • Holidays and Leave: Ten paid vacation days a year after having worked six months and three main holidays in Japan; Golden Week, Obon and New Year. One additional paid vacation day for each extra year with the company.
  • Working Visa: Visa sponsorship available (Applicants must meet Immigration requirements and have a university degree)
  • Training: Thorough initial training is given to all new instructors.
  • Transportation Reimbursement: Work related commuting costs are covered 100%
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance included
  • Career Advancement: Opportunities for promotion exist
  • Events: Instructors are required to participate in all school events. In addition to school events, instructors might be asked to work at company events.

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