Yaruki Switch: FAQ

Flip the switch! Teach English in Japan with the Yaruki Switch Group

General requirements needed for Yaruki Switch Group teachers:

Degree: Associate’s or Bachelor’s (in any subject)

English: Native or native-like speaking ability with a clear accent

Minimum Age: 20

Japanese: Not 100% necessary, but it helps if you know some phrases

TEFL Certification: Not 100% necessary, but it will help you in the classrooms


Base salary of ¥250,000 monthly. Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on experience, ability and performance. All new instructors will have a 3-month probationary period.

The instructor will be paid a renewal bonus of JPY 100,000 upon completion of one-year contract and contract renewal.

One-year contract with an option to extend. The number of extensions is unlimited with contract terms negotiable in length.

Work Hours
Instructors work 9 hours a day, including a 1 hour lunch break. Instructors work 5- day weeks, most often this is Monday to Friday. Regular working hours are 8:30 – 17:30. Instructors might be asked to work overtime (paid overtime) in the mornings or evenings.

Holidays and Leave
Ten paid vacation days a year after having worked six months and three main holidays in Japan; Golden Week, Obon and New Year. One additional paid vacation day for each extra year with the company.

Working Visa
Visa sponsorship available (Applicants must meet Immigration requirements and have a university degree)

Thorough initial training is given to all new instructors.

Transportation Reimbursement
Work related commuting costs are covered 100%

Health Insurance
Health insurance included

Career Advancement
Opportunities for promotion exist

Instructors are required to participate in all school events. In addition to school events, instructors might be asked to work at company events.


Yes, Yaruki Switch is a very real Japanese company, headquartered in Tokyo. See our head office building here.
Yes, it is a real full-time teaching job in Yaruki Switch Group schools in Japan.
No, it is not. Yaruki Switch believes that student ability and motivation is best developed in an environment.
Couples are welcome to apply individually with the understanding that each applicant is selected on their own merits, not a set. Also, there is no guarantee that successful applicants would be placed in the same area or schools. At present, our schools cannot handle requests for family accommodations.
No. There is no application fee.
If successful, the necessary procedures for securing a Certificate of Eligibility to obtain a working visa for Japan for the applicant will be borne by Yaruki Switch. Travel, postage, and other incidental costs incurred in dealing with the local Japanese embassy/consulate in the applicant’s home country are borne by the applicant.
No. Successful applicants pay for their own flights to Japan.
Assistance will be provided in obtaining single-occupancy housing. The average rent for our instructors is about 60,000 yen monthly.
Yes. It is entirely possible to have a comfortable lifestyle on the starting salary. It is a standard starting salary in the English-teaching industry in Japan.
Of course! As long as your degree is from an accredited institution, the subject is not an issue.
We provide extensive training in our teaching method and curriculum, and our schools have bilingual Japanese staff who assist our intstructors.
Typically near a train station in suburban areas outside of medium to large cities across Japan.
It is possible, but the final school assignments are based on company need.
1 year. They can be renewed based on the mutual consent of the teacher and the company.
No. Our teachers are not permitted to have part-time side jobs that may interfere with their ability to perform their duties as a Yaruki Switch Group instructor. 

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