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Spring 2021 Interac Locations Map

We get messages every day asking “Do you have something in my area?” so we made this interactive online map of locations where there is a possibility that we may have an opening for Interac.


To use it, navigate to the area where you are and click on any of the blue globe icons. A menu will open with the details of the location and the application link. Click the application link to make an application. 


Basic information about Interac ALT positions

Base Salary:215,000 yen
Estimated annual income: 2.2 million yen – 3.0 million yen 
Location: Check the map above. 

Job Requirements

  • Criteria 1: University graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree (in any subject)
  • Criteria 2: Hold a valid residence/visa status and possess a valid Residence Card
  • Criteria 3: Has had at least 12 years of education where the language of instruction was English
  • Criteria 4: Professional in all aspects of behavior, a team-player, flexible, cheerful, and energetic

Candidates who can speak Japanese at a conversational level and above are favored.  Also, having a valid Japanese driver’s license and/or International Driving Permit will be at an advantage.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, these positions are only open to candidates currently residing in Japan.

Filipino candidates residing outside of Japan should consult our POEA agent in the Philippines, Chesham Recruitment.

For more information about Interac positions, see our FAQ here.