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My Jimoto Contest – Winning Essay – My Jimoto by Belle Ward

Winning essay in the "My Jimoto" essay contest.

LJC would like to present the winning essay in the “My Jimoto” essay contest.  “My Jimoto” by Belle Ward.


This essay gained a total of 117 points out of a total possible 150 from our judges.

Congratulations to Ms. Ward on winning and for writing a great essay!

For our five judges (three Americans, one British, one Australian, with a total of over 100 years collectively in Japan,) it was quite a challenge to choose the essay that best represented the essence of the concept of “My Jimoto.” 


Our scoring rubric assigned points on each of the following:


  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions
  • Presentation

And the judges took three session to read, discuss, and debate their evaluations.  We feel that this evaluation process brought out the best in the essays.  


If you contributed an essay and it was not selected, please be assured that our judges read every essay.  We would have liked to give out awards to every participant, but for time and budget, it was simply not possible. Please give it a try in our next contest.

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