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Feature: Interac (Part 1)

Interac is the number one private provider of ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) to Japanese private schools.  In this video, Chase, one of the Managing Consultants for the Tokyo Branch, gives his story about living in Japan and working with Interac


In this video, Chase mentions the level of support that Interac teachers can expect.  We believe that this is one of the major differences between Interac and other ALT providers & programs.  Some of the things that you can count on with Interac that you won’t find elsewhere are their extensive pre-arrival and post-arrival initial training, support with housing set-up, getting started with a bank account, Internet, mobile phones, and getting to know your schools prior to beginning to teach.  Once you begin teaching, you’ll have access to extensive teaching materials, continuing training, and periodic evaluation.  Interac also has skills development resources to help you make the most of your time with the company and help your future career, whether it is in teacher or another field.


For more information about Interac, click here or visit Interac’s site at www.interacnetwork.com.  To make an application, go to our jobs page here.