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Cross-Cultural Breakthrough- LJC Satoshi ‘TC’

1) Why do you like working with Link Japan Careers(LJC), TC?


RW: Today, I am interviewing LJC’s TC. TC has been with the company for just over a year now but he has made a great impression with his clients.

So TC,  why do you like working with Link Japan Careers (LJC)?


TC: LJC has a wide variety of human resources, and I can feel full of energy from them. In addition, because LJC is still a developing business, each of us is fully committed to creating something new and providing better services to foreigners who try to build their careers here in Japan.


I like the attitude that everyone works together toward the same goal.

2) What does Cross-Cultural Design to you, TC?

RW: Cross cultural design seems to mean different things to each of the staff.  What does Cross-Cultural Design mean to you, TC?
TC: What I think of “Cross-Cultural Design” is to respect each other’s individuality, culture, customs, and ways of thinking while working together to achieve the same goal. I believe that the true meaning of “engagement is high” is not to consider based on your own thoughts, but to think based on the others’ ideas and work together towards the same goal.

3) Tell us about your work background?

RW: Tell me a little about yourself, before coming to LJC, TC?
TC: After spending university days in the US, after returning to Japan, I gained experience as a sales at a training company before joining Link Japan Careers. Currently, I have supported clients and candidates as a recruiter and have worked to provide the best matching for both.

4) What advice do you have to foreign professionals looking for a job?

RW: So TC do you have any advice for people looking at finding work in Japan with LJC?


TC: For foreigners, I suggest that you first understand “your current location” before applying for a job. When I talk to my candidates, I sometimes see people who use it for anything at random. This action shows that you don’t understand your current location.


Even if they successfully get an offer and join the company, they are likely to quit soon because of a massive gap between what you have imagined and what the reality is.


To develop your hopeful career, first, people should make sure to check out your “footprint,” and then decide the next step.

5) TC What is your goal for 2020 with LJC?

RW: What is your goal for 2020 with LJC, TC?


TC: My goal, which has unchanged since last year, is “to provide as many candidates as possible to a new job and to support to let them build a better career in Japan.”


I can only give them confidence and support them carefully, but I would be so happy if more people could make a better career in Japan, where I was born and raised.