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Broadening Opportunities

After more than two years of working to design services that help support foreign professionals in Japan, Link Japan Careers (LJC) is proud to announce that our success with clients like Link Interac and Yaruki Switch Group has given us momentum to expand beyond the education sector and offer a broader range of opportunities to job seekers.Starting March 1, 2019, LJC will begin working with select employers in the service, retail and transportation sectors who are looking to hire the professionals ready to take the next step in their careers. But LJC is not just another job placement firm looking to make a quick yen from finding people for short-term positions. We are moving selectively, working only with companies that are looking beyond the short term and are willing to open their organizations up to the possibility of foreigners working as career professionals in their fields. This is also a great chance for our applicants to break into parts of the Japanese market that have historically been harder to access. At the same time LJC will continue to offer teaching positions with Japan’s leading ESL companies.The best place to find these new positions is on our job board. The page is updated frequently so be sure to check back often if you don’t see anything you like on your first visit. And finally, thank you to everyone, companies and applicants alike, who have supported LJC this far and we will look forward to everything the future bring.