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Be the Change in 2019

Welcome to 2019 and thank you for visiting Link Japan Careers. We are entering the “peak” season in the recruiting and placement business in Japan, leading up to April. Our theme this year is “Be the Change” and we’d like to encourage you to make the change from your current position to one of the great positions that we have now and will be offering through spring.Am I qualified? Make sure that you check our FAQ and read the basic requirements. In general, we are looking for:1. Be a native-level speaker of English.2. Have acquired an education delivered in English for at least 12 years (all classes, subject to documentation of instruction in the medium of English)3. Have graduated or be about to graduate from a university with at least a bachelor’s degree (in any subject).4. For domestic candidates currently residing in Japan, possess a valid status of residence allowing work. We cannot work with tourist visas.How can I get started? Have a look around our site, our Job Board and find a position that you are interested in and check the profile. There’s an Apply Now button on each, so click that and go to the profile and fill out the application.When and where are your seminars? We will hold a number of seminars around Japan this season. Make sure to check our Events on the top page here, or our Facebook page for more.Are you recruiting in my country? For candidates outside of Japan, we are going to hold seminars in Australia, UK, and the US. Make sure to check back here, or like our Facebook page for updates.What if I have a question? Drop us an email on our contact form or a message in our chat window and we will get back to you, typically within a business day.We’re looking forward to meeting you and getting you into a great new job this year!